Sponsor a Jandal to reach a Student in 2020

How many pairs of jandals could you sponsor for $1.50 per student to help them journey closer to God?
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Friends of Student Life,

each year we run our ‘On The Journey’ outreach. This start-of-year outreach is very effective in engaging students in their faith and introducing them to Christ. Students love getting free jandals and we tend to halve the time otherwise needed to find students who are spiritually interested and willing to meet with us. This means we can meet up with more students right at the start of the campus year, when students tend to be most open and available. This results in students leading almost twice as many of their fellow students to Christ than before we used this style of outreach.

We have sourced some quality jandals and will give them to students who fill in our survey card that asks about their spiritual journey so far. Our students and staff then meet back with the students who are interested to hear more about how to begin a relationship with Jesus. We give them an ‘On the Journey’ magazine that has student-relevant articles and a captivating gospel presentation, and at this time we share how they can have a personal relationship with our God.

By giving our 45 staff members and over 300 students a simple tool that reaches a large portion of university students, we are able to find those open to hearing about Jesus. With this transferable tool we have also been able to launch Student Life at AUT North Shore and Massey Albany campuses over the last few years with great results.

Sponsor a Jandal or Two?
Would you help us with the cost of the 2020 ‘On the Journey’ campaign? We currently need to raise $20,000 to have the material ready for the outreach. How many pairs of jandals could you sponsor for $1.50 per student to help them journey closer to God?

We also ask for your prayers for our SL teams around the country as well as for students’ openness to the gospel, both among the Kiwi students and the thousands of international students that come here to study each year.

Thank you for considering being a part of helping us share a student’s journey and life. We are looking forward to all that God will do in the coming university year.

Matt Coyle

National Leader
Student Life NZ